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S01 Episode 5 - Diagnosis with Jen Jacob of DSDN

Jen graciously shared her diagnosis story with us today. You know when the doctor looks at your different? Or when they say the words “these are difficult ultrasounds to go over.”? You immediately go into that outer-body experience. When your child gets a diagnosis it totally changes your life, as Jen told us. Jen’s nonprofit, Down Syndrome Diagnoses Network, launched in 2014.

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S01 Episode 4 - Inclusive Playgrounds with Rebecca Kuntz

Welcome friends. On today’s episode of Advocate like a Mother Podcast, Michelle and I get together to chat with Rebecca Kuntz. Rebecca has a daughter named Ellie who has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and microcephaly. Rebecca has successfully advocated for a completely inclusive playground for her daughter in her neighborhood. Join us on this episode to hear all about how she made this happen and what you can do to accomplish the same!

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S01 Episode 3 - Preparing for your IEP with Child Advocate Sandi Ames | Pt. 2

On this second part of this episode we discussed the actual meeting itself. Sandi is working hard on giving the educators the resources that they need. Going into the IEP meeting make sure you know this is not a us vs. them, We need to all work together. You should review the assessment, and the proposed goals, make sure you have a vision for your child. Come prepared with your talking points. Keep in mind we want to build a strong relationship and help build this foundation for our kids. Be proactive not reactive.

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