S01 Episode 9 - Abuse in the Disability Community Pt. 2 with Natalie Weaver



Today’s episode is part two of a series all about abuse in the disability community.

On today's episode we sat down with Natalie Weaver. Natalie's daughter Sophia has a facial difference and has endured an unspeakable amount of hate online. Natalie has even received death threats. 

Natalie shares with us how she used to hide at home with Sophia and what happened in her life that turned her into the advocate she is today. 

Natalie is a powerhouse advocate and does not back down. She stood up to Twitter along with an army behind her and was able to get them to include disability in their abuse reporting tool, in response to the many hateful and violent comments she has gotten when she posts photos of Sophia. 

She is now standing up to Instagram. Natalie said that the abuse she and Sophia has received on Instagram is 3x what she has received on Facebook and Twitter combined. And she's only been on Instagram less than a year. When she reported a comment that said "drown her," Instagram responded that the comment doesn't violate community guidelines. 

Will you stand with Natalie? Let's join her in this fight. Follow her on Instagram @nataliecweaver and tag @instagram along with @zuck and @mosseri and ask them to include disabilities in their abuse reporting tool until they can't ignore us any longer. 

To any parent who's child has experienced abuse, you are not alone. We are here to help encourage you, and to help find your community.

Join Natalie’s advocacy effort to change Instagram’s reporting tool to include reporting hate speech toward a person with a disability.