S01 Episode 5 - Diagnosis with Jen Jacob of DSDN



Welcome friends, On today’s episode of Advocate like a Mother Podcast™ we talk all about diagnosis. Michelle and I got together to chat with Jen Jacob, author, co-founder, and executive director of Down syndrome diagnosis network the DSDN.

Jen graciously shared her diagnosis story with us today. You know when the doctor looks at your different? Or when they say the words “these are difficult ultrasounds to go over.”? You immediately go into that outer-body experience. When your child gets a diagnosis it totally changes your life, as Jen told us. Jen’s nonprofit, Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network, launched in 2014. Their biggest effort is to inform, connect, and support new families. Pregnancy - 3 years or age are their main focus right now. They also have small private birth club groups where you can connect and find others. They also provide resources for doctors. Local organizations and medical professionals have so much power so when we all work together, magic happens.

Here are some quotes from parents the DSDN website: 

“A doctor had said Your son has a long life to look forward to. The only limitations they will have are the ones you set for him so make sure not to set any.” 

“It’s your job to love her and enjoy the ride.” 

“They only thing they won’t be able to do is scuba dive.” (from a Cardiologist.)

And the best one, “I can’t tell you what they won’t be able to do I can’t do that with any baby.”

That is a quote from a doctor with the right mindset for parents making a huge difference. When you get that diagnosis and your in a daze or feeling hopeless. This episode is all for you. 

To any parent struggling with a child that has any diagnosis, you are not alone. We are here to help encourage you, and to help find your community.