S01 Episode 11 - Season Finale with Ileana Sosa and Performance by Kendall Renee


S01 - EPISODE 11

Hey everyone! Thank you for joining us for our Season Finale LIVE Show with Ileana Sosa and Kendall Renee. We had such an amazing time together at Bella Blooms, sharing our journeys together and meeting many of you face to face.

This has been such an incredible first season, and as I mentioned early on in this journey I really never imagined doing a podcast, but felt so deeply called to share my story and journey with you all. It has been so encouraging to see you support the show and own your advocacy.

Sign up for the email list on the website for new on season 2 and other updates from us along the way. Again, thank you to so many of you that made this show happen. Special thanks to this season’s co-host Ashley and the entire Montano family, my husband Eric and my kids for being so supportive, all of our sponsors; The Glory Days, Speech Blubs, Delivering Fancy, and Functional Formulas. And of course, our producer, editor and engineer, Andy Lara with www.andylikeswords.com for making all of the technical things happen.

See you all next time!
- Michelle Sullivan