S01 Episode 1 - American Sign Language with Rachel Coleman of Signing Time



Welcome friends, On today’s episode of Advocate like a Mother Podcast, Michelle and I got together to chat with the Rachel Coleman.

Rachel is an American producer and actress who is known for creating with her sister Emilie de Azevedo Brown, they created together the Signing Time! It’s a video series to teach children basic American Sign Language (ASL), which was broadcasted on public television and Nick Junior. She produces, directs, and stars in the series. On top of handling much of its operations as co-founder of Two Little Hands Productions, she is also executive director of the American Society for Deaf Children.

We sat around Michelle’s kitchen table with Rachel. We had the best conversation discussing American Sign Language, and Signing Time! We talked about the diagnoses process of her sweet girls Leah and Lucy, which she learned always trust your mom gut. What an inspiration she is in the ASL & special needs community. She changed her entire focus from her musical background to something that was not only life changing for her daughters, but for so many other families. She has made such an impact helping teach others how to communicate. We love that this is a family production, it shows what such a product of love she created. Sometimes after you have kids that’s when you truly find your place in this world.

Diagnoses are so hard, from the phone call, the stress, and the pressure but when you look over at that shining light, and see their little souls telling you, “I’m fine guys, nothing is wrong here. Don’t be sad.” Us parents maybe need to learn some new things, and that’s not bad!

To any parent struggling with a child that is deaf, you are not alone. We are here to help encourage you, and to help find your community.



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